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Class and Gender Over Time

The links below are resources about all of the major topics that we study in class.

Everything in blue is a link. Find something that interests you and read, watch, or listen. 

Just looking for assignments? Click here. 

The Women's March: Rome

History Today, 2018

Matriarchy in Ancient Africa

variety of sources (Multiple articles)

Aztec Family Law

Tarlton Law Library


The Invention of Patriarchy

Scene on the Radio

The Philosophical Origins of Patriarchy

The Nation, 2019

Is Gender Inequality Man Made? (video and text)


Primary Source: Women in Egypt

BBC, History of the World in 100 objects

Primary Source: Laws about Gender in Assyria

Law Collections from Mesopotamia and Asia Minor

Primary Sources: Gender and Race in Colonial Latin America

Center for History and New Media: Women in World History

Social Class

High and Low Classes in Ancient Civilizations

People's History of the World

Nebamun's tomb

British Museum

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