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Week Three, Feb 10 -Feb 14: Islamic Empires and Trading Empires in West Africa

Week Two, Feb 3 -Feb 7: Trading Game, Silk Road, Indian Ocean Trade

Week One, Jan. 29-Feb 1: Introduction to Unit 4--Money

Homework Assignments: 

  • Complete the classroom jobs application 

  • Pick a song that connects to money and analyze the lyrics (google form here)

  • Write a 1-2 page free write response: What has the role of money been in my life?  (google form here)


Weeks One and Two, Jan. 2-10

Homework Assignments: 

  • Journal Response #3

  • Journal Response #2
  • Journal Response #1
  • Writ​e four big picture questions on the notetaker based on the clip we watched of the documentary episode "Story of God (linked here)"

Week Three, Jan. 13-17

Homework Assignments: 

  • Journal Response #7

  • Journal Response #6
  • Journal Response #5
  • Journal Response #4


Week Seven: December 16-20

Homework Assignments: 

  • Finish all revisions: FINAL ESSAY DUE AT THE START OF CLASS

  • Complete at least half of your revisions

  • Finish your draft

Week Six: December 9-13

Homework Assignments: 

  • Write at least one paragraph of your essay 

  • Complete pages 6 and 7 of your essay guide 

  • Complete the Is Our Democracy Threatened questions and handout or write another scene of your script

  • Finish the brainstorming questions in step two of your Roman emperors handout

Week Four and Five: November 25-December 6 

Homework Assignments: 

  • Complete what really happened reading and questions in packet

  • ​Make any revisions to your speeches to show mastery of the skills you made goals about. Whole packet due in the next class.

  • Complete Speech 4 (and 3 if you did not finish that in class)

  • Complete Speech 2

  • Complete Speech 1

  • Complete Primary Source 2 (Socrates Allegory of the Cave)

Week Three: November 18-November 22

Homework Assignments: 

  • Finish your drawing about the Kush queens or complete the reading and response about racism and sexism in the writing of history on the back of today's handout

  • Choose one podcast, video or text from (also emailed to you) and write a summary of what you learned.


Week Two: November 12-November 15

Homework Assignments: 


Week One: November 4-November 8

Homework Assignments: 

  • Choose one additional document from the Power in Early States packet you were given in class. Read and annotate. 

  • Power in Song Response: Choose a song that relates to the theme of power and write a response that explains what kind of power it shows.

  • Power in Current Events: Pick one current event and explain why you think this shows someone building or using power in the right or wrong way (½ page min. -- also sent as a google form)



Week Eight: October 28-Nov 1 

Homework Assignments: 

  • Finish typing all captions and bring in any materials you want to use to create your exhibit with your group tomorrow.

  • Finish your presentation script and complete your exhibit! 

  • Redo any project parts that you have received feedback on or you know now needs revision.

Week Seven: October 21-25

Homework Assignments: 

  • Finish reading your background information and fill out the organizer on page 8 and 9 of your project guide

  • Finish your assigned primary and secondary sources and complete pages 12-14 of your guide

  • For each document that you’ve been assigned of the top 5, write a brief summary (about three sentences each) of what the document is about and what category (or categories) of SPICE it fits into.

Week Six: October 14-18

Homework Assignments: 

  • 1/2 to 1 page: What is patriarchy? How did it start and how do we see the effects today?

  • Fill in the "effects" column on the right hand side of your SPICE handout

  •  Write out a description of your ideal civilization and make a case for why it's the best civilization possible, using cause and effect analysis (about 1 page). 

Block 3+4 you are one day ahead, so you can look to the calendar for next week for Friday's hw. 

Week Five: October 7-11

Homework Assignments: 

  • Complete Progress Report Reflection

  • Read through the chart about the Paleolithic and Neolithic Eras. For each area of life, check off which lifestyle was better.

  • TIEDIED Paragraph: Was settling down the right decision for humans? Last page of the document organizer

Block 3+4 you are one day ahead, so you can look to the calendar for next week for Friday's hw. 


Week Four: October 2-4

Homework Assignments: 

  • Read and response to Warsan Shire's poem "Home" - From what you read, why are people leaving their homes? What do they face when they leave? And what is your reaction to the poem?

  • Guided TIEDIED paragraph about migrations, past and present 


Week Three: September 23-27

Homework Assignments: 

  • Choose one text from the Early Humans page on the class website and write three things you learned. 

  • Complete the reading and questions on early human evolution and climate.

  • Make a list at least ½ page long: What are all of the ways that people can be affected by a place? Include examples that you heard in today’s podcast


Week Two: September 16-20

Homework Assignments: 

  • Finish podcast! Final project is due at the start of class on Monday. 

  • Historical Research on your place: Page 12 of your guide

  • INTERVIEW(S)! Record your interview(s) and sound clips. In order to receive credit, all audio files MUST be uploaded to your vhs google drive account

  • Listen to ten minutes of a podcast from this site or find your own and write down three things you noticed or heard


Week One: September 9-13

Homework Assignments: 




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