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African Diaspora Website

Introduction video for how to make a website

You will be researching the African Diaspora from the 1400s to the 1700s in one country of your choice. You will present your research as a web page, which you will learn to design in class.

Guide to Making an African Diaspora Website

Student Websites: African Diaspora in the Americas

Model Website: African Diaspora in Brazil

There are three elements of the African Diaspora you will research about one country in the Americas:

  1. The Transatlantic Slave Trade

  2. Resistance to Slavery

  3. African culture, past and present

Website Required Parts

  1. Individual Daily Work (Research Guides and Packet)

  2. Six research cards minimum (2 per topic)

  3. Drafts of three PEAL paragraphs (1 per topic)

  4. Final web page covering all three parts of your research (see above)

You can choose one of the three countries below or pick a different country to research. For more links to historical information related to this topic, please go to the unit 4 resource page


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