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Power of Place Podcasts

Podcasts photographed from left: Mogul: The Life and Death of Chris Lighty from a story in the New Yorker Magazine; Suena La Revolucion from a story in Remezcla; and Radio Rookies from WNYC.

Sample Podcasts:

Radio Rookies are a group of young people in New York City who create stories about issues that matter  to them

Radio Rookies​ (WNYC)

This is the first episode of a podcast series that tells stories from young people who have been locked up

Caught (WNYC)

This is one episode of a podcast focused on Latinx issues in the United States. This episode interviews actress Diane Guerrero (most known from the shows Orange in the New Black and Jane the Virgin) who talks about what it was like to grow up after her parents were deported from the United States to Colombia. 

Latino USA (Futuro Media)

Brett's example podcast: Colonial Heights

​Key Parts: 

Introduction 0:00-1:00

First description of place 1:00-2:03

First interview (with my mom) 2:03-9:50

Second interview (with my friend Jacqueline) 9:51-20:53

Conclusion 20:54-21:51

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