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Editing Your Audio Into A Podcast on Garageband


1. Download your audio file(s) from google drive (go to and sign in)

If your audio file is not on google drive yet, here’s what you need to do:

  • Download the google drive app to your phone if you haven’t already

  • Sign into the google drive app with your vhs email address

  • Go to the app you used to do your recording and upload the file to google drive

2. Open garageband

  • Press Command and spacebar and type in “garageband”

  • Press enter and the application should open up

  • Double click on the Voice icon to open a new garageband project


3. Find your downloaded audio file. Don’t open it, but drag the file into your new garageband project. It should show up on the line.


4. Next, click on the section underneath the one where you dropped your file. This is where you’ll record your introduction and conclusion. Record these as two different clips. (see the back of this page if you need further instruction about this)

5. Then, arrange all of the audio files together on one line so that the introduction goes first, the interview goes second, and your conclusion goes third.

6. Here’s a few things that you can do to make your podcast really stand out:

  1. Record additional comments after the interview. Share how this experience relates to your own perspective: How has place affected you? How have you been shaped by the places that you’ve lived in your life?

  2. Edit out long pauses or other bad noises from the interview

    • To edit, go to the place in the audio where you want to cut something out.

    • Click on the edit tab on the top and click “split region”

    • Continue playing the audio until the end of what you want to cut. Click split region again.

    • Click on the part that you want to cut out and press delete on the keyboard.

    • Move the sections together so they seamlessly connect.

  3. Add in audio effects to your introduction or conclusion to hook people’s attention.

7. Export your podcast by clicking on "share" on the top of the screen and scrolling down to "export song to disk." Name the file with your name (so my podcast would say BrettMurphy-podcast), make sure you click it to be in mp3 format, and click "medium quality" in the dropdown bar. The file should save to the "downloads" folder. Open the finder so you can see the files in the download folder. Then, drag the file in your google drive and share it with me at

Rejoice in your genius :) 

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