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Editing Your Audio Into A Podcast on Chrome

1. Go to and sign in to your vhs account or whatever you’ve used to save your audio files. Download your audio files onto the computer by right clicking the file and clicking download.


If your audio file is not on google drive yet, here’s what you need to do:

  • Download the google drive app to your phone if you haven’t already

  • Sign into the google drive app with your vhs email address

  • Go to the app you used to do your recording and upload the file to google drive


2. Open Make sure you allow for popups while you're using the site. Click on “import” and select your first audio file. Then, click on “import” again and select your second audio. Do this one more time with your third audio file.


3. Rename your files so you know which one is which. One should be “interview,” one should be “sound,” and the third should be “discussion.”


4. Next, click back to the left side so you can record your introduction. When you’re ready, you’ll click the record button - that green square with a circle in the middle - on the bottom on the page by the time stamp. The introduction must include:

  • your name(s)

  • the theme of the podcast -- studying place and how it affects people.

  • Intro must share who you interviewed

  • Intro must give people a heads up the main idea of the podcast


Here’s an example:

Welcome to our podcast, (insert name of podcast). I am your host (hostname) (a little biographical info about you the host). Today, we’re going to be listening in to our study of (explain the place that you went to or the person you interviewed, briefly). (Tell people where you went and why you chose that place or person). (Provide a “teaser” about something interesting that happened -- a reason why people would want to listen in.)

5. Arrange all of your files together on the top line so they are side by side in the order that makes sense (i.e. intro goes first, then interview, then discussion).

6. If you still have time left over, here’s a couple of things that you can do to make your podcast great

1. Edit out long pauses or other bad noises from the interview

  • To edit, click on the button in the edit bar that has two rectangles split with a dotted line. Now you’re in splitting mode.

  • Go to the place in the audio where you want to cut something out and click on it. Click again where you want to end the part you want to cut out. You should have a boundary now around the area you want to take out.

  • Click on button in the edit bar that has an x with a square around it. Now you’re in delete mode.

  • Click on the section you want to get rid of, and then it should be gone.

  • Go back to regular mode by clicking on the button that has the arrow in it.

  • Move the sections together so they seamlessly connect.

2. Add in audio effects to your introduction or conclusion to hook people’s attention, like intro and outro music.

7. Export your file. On the edit bar, there's an arrow facing down with a small "mp3" underneath it. Click that button. Wait for it to process, then a white box will open up. Click on the file name (it will say something like "new project" and download it.) Go to "downloads" on your computer to see the file, and drag it into your google drive. Once it's there, rename it with your names (so my podcast would say BrettMurphy-podcast) and share it with me at

Rejoice in your genius! :) 

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