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The links below are resources about all of the major topics that we study in class.

Everything in blue is a link. Find something that interests you and read, watch, or listen. 

Just looking for assignments? Click here. 

Fasting on Ramadan

See Something, Say Something Buzzfeed

a podcast sharing people's experiences. 

Excerpts from the Qur'an or Scroll Through The Qu'ran

Two options for reading excerpts directly from the Islamic holy book.

My Hajj Experience

Belief Net

A photo essay that details one person's experience on Hajj

The Hajj: Islamic Sacred Pilgrimage

A video about people's experiences taking Hajj 

Fasting for Ramadan
The Qur'an

Do All Muslim Women Wear a Hijab? ft. Fareeha Khan

MTV's Decoded talks about the reasons women choose to wear or not wear hijabs and other coverings.

Wearing a Hijab Is Complicated. So Is Deciding to Take One Off.

In this video for Slate Magazine, a Muslim man talks to his sister and mom about their decision to wear a hijab.

Wearing Hijab
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