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Early Civilizations

Egypt: Engineering an Empire

The History Channel, 2006

What Happened to Norte Chico?

Stuff You Missed in History Class, 2009 

Rethinking Civilization

Crash Course World History 

Water and Classical Civilizations

Crash Course World History 

Afro-Latin Religion

Americas Quarterly, 2015

A photo essay of Afro-Latino religions in Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica

How Black Panther Taps Into 500 Years of History 

Hollywood Reporter, 2018

"In villages, town and cities, too, beyond the reach of slave-catchers in the eventual United States, black people carved out spaces and hoped-for futures of their own. Slavery and variations of colonialism, in the U.S. and abroad, forced linguistically and culturally disparate people, again and again, to understand themselves as “black,” as a race.  And, for just as long, African-descended people have imagined and endeavored to build places free from the brutalities and indignities of those systems. From Colombia to Canada to, later, coastal Liberia, a black homeland became the stuff of dreams."

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