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Block 1

Unit 1 Project

The Power of Place Podcasts

Starting from the earliest humans, people have had their whole lives shaped by where they live. Just think about it -- if you grew up in a small town in Kansas, would you be the same person you are today? What about if you were raised on the coast of Brazil or the mountains of Nepal? In this first project, you will become historians studying the power of place in 2017 and all the way back in 2000 BCE, or almost 4,000 years ago.


For the first part of the project, you’ll need to capture the oral history of someone you know to understand how they have been shaped by a place in their life. You’ll do this be preparing and recording an interview with them that you’ll edit down into a podcast.

Required Parts: 

  • Interview questions 

  • Practice interview in class

  • Audio recording of your interview

  • Edited podcast with introduction and conclusion 

 Instructions for Editing Your Podcast: 

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