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Blocks 2 & 3

Unit 1 Project

The Power of Place Podcasts

You are a team of anthropologists studying a place in New York City. You will use a variety of methods that real anthropologists use in the field: ethnographic notes, interviews, and academic dialogue. Because you are interested in making your research widely available, you are also going to create a podcast about your findings that you’ll post online so that others can learn from you.


Your study will cover two parts: a place in the present day in New York City and, in a couple of weeks, a place in the world from thousands of years ago. To begin, your team of anthropologists needs to meet in order to figure out where you’re going to do your study. You’ll pick a location that everyone will go to as a team.

Required Parts for final product: 

  • Team agreements and planning document

  • Ethnographic notes for each team member

  • Audio recordings of interview with someone at the location and audio of the place

  • Audio recording of "Making Meaning" discussion

  • Edited introduction and conclusion 

 Instructions for Editing Your Podcast: 

Video of an interview with Dr. Christien Tompkins, anthropologist at University of California, Los Angeles.
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