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Colonization and the African Diaspora Research Project


For your final project of the year, you will be researching Spanish and Portuguese colonization and the African Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

You will either choose a country or theme to investigate.

Scroll to the next section below for topic options and links to resources.  

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Below are two of the countries that we already have resources collected for. You are welcome to choose any country in the Caribbean or Latin America, though! You just would need to do your own research if it's not listed here. 

​If you are choosing a country, your research should include three parts: 

  1. What was the history of colonization and slavery like in this place? 

  2. How did people resist slavery and/or colonization here? 

  3. How was this country influenced by the African Diaspora? How do we still see African culture and movements by people of African descent in this country today? 


Below are some of the themes that we already have resources collected for. If you have another idea for a theme related to Spanish and Portuguese colonization and/or the African Diaspora, please email Brett and/or Kasi and suggest it to us!  

Transatlantic Slave Trade

Columbian Exchange
Portuguese Exploration
Chinese Isolationism
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